Haiku Horror (feat. thespookyredhead and Curiously Dead Cat)

Back on track this week,

For a Spooktober collab

With Redhead and Cat!


To start us off, is Cat with his three haiku on his three favorite horror-themed manga!

Curiously Dead Cat:



Girl reading novels,

drinking a goblet of blood.

Never invite guests.

Elfen Lied:


All the blood she spilled

can never be washed away.

So here is her own.

Promised Neverland:


Children, teddy bears,

flowers, a garden of life

As demons hunger


Despite being rather busy, I also got her to make two nice haiku about her love of the spot spirits from the Ghibli films! I think they are also the best mix of adorable and yet slightly creepy.

Oh, and she just wanted me to give you guys a warning haiku she made:

I can’t write haiku

That is really obvious

So please enjoy this sh*t

The Kodama


White, little things

Cracking their own heads around

But are really cute


These things are just cute.

Especially with the charms.

And in a necklace.





A right hand is lost,

replaced with a parasite,

Is it friend or foe?

Sweet Home


A boy numbed to grief,

confronts the grief of others,

In its monstrous forms

Zombieland Saga


Brought back from the dead,

On a fast track to stardom,

As Saga’s saviors

And that’s that! Once again, big thanks to Curiously Dead Cat and thespookyredhead for their contributions to my Spooktober celebration, and as the Halloween season comes to a close, I have one last collab for all of you to enjoy.

Tomorrow. Because it’s October 31. oOoOoOohHh.

See ya guys then!


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