Zombieland Saga Ep. 4 – Sponsored by Saganship Z™

In this week’s episode, our zombie idols finally sell out! Kinda. Not really. It’s also a hotsprings episode!

This episode capitalizes on the relatively relaxed atmosphere of the last episode to explore the girls’ doubts about their idol thing again, but this time, they conclusively agree as a unit to do the very best they can!

Their manager finally manages to snag a sponsorship with the conveniently relevant pharmaceutical product, Saganship Z™, which has miraculoisly effective properties on our zombies, to the point that their limbs and other extremities no longer pop off!

Among other effects

It’s also great for the LEGENDARY Yamada Tae to prevent any more head shenanigans.

More HD stills of Best Girl

They had a rather successful concert and it looks like the gang is finally getting a break! Right?

Well, unfortunately, it looks like the comedy finally caught up to the plot again because when Saki, Junko and Sakura decide to sneak out for a little hot springs action, Sakura loses hear head.

We get a fun chase sequence of the the CEO(?) of Saganship Z™ encountering every one of the girls in their zombie forms in various, increasingly terrifying, ways. Hopefully that doesn’t affect any future business transactions.

Overall, it’s definitely got both sides of Zombieland Saga’s charm. Zombie idol angst and good ol’ fashioned horror comedy.

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