Zombieland Saga Ep. 3 – Actual Idol Stuff Happens (And Fails)

Zombieland Saga’s 3rd episode actually slows down the pace to give us some much needed development and character focus.

This episode has made me set on watching this series the whole way through. Despite the frantic pace of the previous two episodes, this episode wisely put on the brakes a little bit and giving our idols some time to breathe (metaphorically speaking, since they’re dead). We also get a new group name (Fuchouchou), and I hope the staying power of this one’s better than the first two.

I’m a fan of Jeanne D’ Arc, though

This episode finally focuses on the idols actually practicing and doing a performance that’s actually idol-like, and it doesn’t work out perfectly for once!

It also focuses on Ai and Junko, the two most experienced idols, still dealing with their zombie angst, as well as the dynamics of the team. I quite like this episode for showing us the reality of what not practicing properly can bring, and that not every performance is gonna bring in big numbers,as evidenced by the very mild interest of the crowd in their guerilla performance. No roaring applause this time around.

Overall, the episode was still the same level of funny as the previous two, and we still get a lot of the-


So boss she doesn’t even NEED armrests.

-To fill our adorable, brainless zombie gag quota for the week. Fun fact, her voice actress has been confirmed to be none other than Kotono Misushi, A. K. A. Sailor Moon herself, which is probably one of the easiest gigs in the world right now, right there between professional sitting and being part of a light music club.

Crossover when?


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