The Top 5 Creepiest Enemies in Japanese Video Games (feat. Pete Davison)

Welcome to my small corner of the blogging world! You’re probably here from Pete’s list, and if not, please go there first then go back here so I can be right. I’m doing this collab because it’s Spooktober,and the only thing I like as much as anime and giving myself goosebumps that would affect the Richter scale, is video games!

This was a collab post done with the resident MoeGamer Pete Davison!



2. Sachiko (Corpse Party)

Ghost girl Sachiko is scary because she’s a “big bad” that it’s impossible to have a direct confrontation with. Corpse Party is presented like an RPG — and indeed in its earliest incarnations had some light RPG combat elements — but you know throughout the game that you’re never going to be able to deal with this insidious menace through conventional means. She’s literally untouchable… but boy, can she find numerous unpleasant ways to touch you.

She’s all the more terrifying thanks to those games’ incredible use of sound, particularly on headphones. Just hearing her breathing in your ear, and then the snip, snip snip of scissors… it gives me chills just thinking about it.



2. Bubble Nurse

Bubble Nurses are likely the second most iconic enemy of the Silent Hill franchise, and for good reason. The manifestation of James Sutherland’s sexual frustrations, the nurses represent this by having hourglass figures, an open cleavage window for their modest chest, short nurse blouse, and a horrifying mass of disjointed flesh for a face. Their movements are the most unnerving aspect of them for me, somehow being incredibly stiff and flexible at the same time, like a puppet being moved on flimsy strings.

The reason I find them more scary than Pyramid Head is because I understand where James comes from in fearing his lust. In his frustrations, he has demonized his natural urges and yet is still suspect to them. Their design is also much more unique to me, and really makes their appearance very special and unique to James’ incarnation of Silent Hill.

I also unironically find the Figma figure hot, which probably means I have some issues to work through.

The textbook definition of fear boner

Honorable Mentions:

Elena (Pandora’s Tower)


Elena is unique in that she’s not so much an “enemy” as she is someone who is cursed with something malicious and malignant. Elena herself is an absolutely charming young woman who it is absolutely delightful to spend time with, and the structure of the game’s narrative with a very limited cast — there are only three speaking characters, and the protagonist is so quiet he almost doesn’t count — means that you grow attached to her very quickly.

Which is why it’s absolutely horrifying when you take a little bit too long over your excursions into the game’s dungeons, and return “home” to find Elena becoming increasingly monstrous, her apparent hunger for the flesh of the creatures you defeat in the towers growing exponentially over the course of the game’s narrative. Will you be able to save her?



Jack Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Jack Baker doesn’t make the list not because he isn’t intimidating or dangerous enough, because he’s got plenty of both those things. The reason he’s not on the list is because I was endlessly amused by his antics. Trying to kill you with a car in an enclosed garage and doing sick burnouts, shooting himself to prove a point to the player, cutting off your leg and telling you to put it back, I was always laughing at how petty he was towards you. Plus, he’s not that scary for two reasons. One, that he was made sympathetic later in the game, and second, he looks like if Walter White started getting high on his own supply.


1. Saya (Saya no Uta)


Brain damage is not something I’ve seen explored a great deal in video games and visual novels, but Saya no Uta provided an interesting, horrifying and terrifying way of looking at it. Protagonist Fuminori sees the whole world as a disgusting mass of dripping flesh… apart from Saya. You know immediately that this means she can’t be normal — and indeed she isn’t — but that doesn’t stop her being a familiar-seeming element that you find yourself latching onto amid the horrific chaos.

Saya is terrifying because of her apparent normality and fragility; when contrasted with her “true” appearance — which never gets described directly, only hinted at — it’s hard to process the things you see happening over the course of the story. But you know, you just know, that there is no possible way this can end well.


1. Lisa (P.T.)


I will forever sigh in frustration whenever I see a Konami logo pop up thanks to this game. P. T. is without a doubt one of the scariest pieces of fiction I have ever seen, period. The setting was insanely claustrophobic and unnatural, what with the looping narrow hallway, the bathrooms with talking fetuses, bloody hanging fridges, and of course, Lisa herself. Be it breathing on your neck, cackling madly while you aren’t looking, or just standing in hallways menacingly just to mess with your head,  she’s managed to scare me in the 30 minutes I could stand to play it more than most other horror movies have in their entirety.

The Fox Engine’s photorealistic graphics paired with Guillermo Del Toro and Kojima’s brilliant direction made for a demo that could have been sold as a full-fledged game by itself and people would STILL have paid for the experience. Lisa was the taste of a horror that I am sad I will never get to experience fully, and that is possibly the scariest thing about it all.

Okay, nah, this is still scarier.

Big thanks to Pete for helping me out with this Spooktober list! Here are the rest of my Spooktober posts so far:

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