Zombieland Saga Ep. 2 – Zombiez Wit’ Attitudes

Episode 2 is somehow even MORE fast-paced than the already hyper Episode 1, but is it still palatable or just too much?

We start the episode off with Manager Okabe (I am not calling him anything else) once again refusing to exposition the girls. We see Ai and Junko being incredibly uncomfortable with their situation, and so try to escape, and it goes about as well as you expect.

While this surely will be source of some zombie angst in later episodes, we don’t have time for that right now, because we have another show! But before that, Saki goes up to Sakura and starts testing her,in typical group alpha fashion.

The manager stupidly changes their nake from the awesome Death Musume to Green Face, and they are asked to do their “thing”, which I am 99% sure only Sakura has been practicing for in any capacity. Their performance sucks obviously, that is until the LEGENDARY YAMADA TAE-

-sees ikura in the audience and in her excitement, gets a bit ahead of herself.

Sorry, gives a head of herself, I mean

At this point, Saki, who throughout the entire episode has been antagonizing Sakura for just going along with the manager’s whims, and also lashing out her Tamagotchi’s likely death, vents her frustrations via rap battle. Because why not, the writers are probably higher than a kite while writing this.

Surprisingly, the rap battle was stupidly fun. The verses were translated rather nicely and the girls spit bars pretty well. It ends with Sakura winning by calling out EVERYBODY’s frustrations, finally proving to Saki that she’s got guts (metaphorically, not sure about literally at this point of decomposition).

Overall, I think the next episode will be the make-or-break episode for most viewers. The insane pacing is great for me personally, the constant refusal to reveal any sort of backstory is also hilarious, and the zombie gags are still strong. It’s only a matter of the show being able to keep it’s self-imposed pace that we’ll know for sure if we’ve got AOTS! Plus, heavy metal hiphop idol zombies. How can you NOT be interested?

As for me, I won’t be getting enough of the LEGENDARY Yamada Tae anytime soon, so I’ll still be following this series intently.


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