Friday Spooks: Top 10 Spookiest Monster Guys In Anime (feat. Irina)

This is a post done in collaboration with Irina from drunkenanimeblog. Entries 10-5 can be found there!

Welcome to my blog, traveller! I assume you’re here from reading the 10-5 spots, so without further ado, let’s continue!

4 -Ryuk – Death Note

Ryuk’s a special case. I mean, he may be a goofy appleholic with a penchant for cackling, but he’s also a god of death who went down to Earth to mess with humans because he was bored. Thousands of people dead, the very structure of society changed, all from the immature whims of an ageless god. I’d put in Light Yagami here,but seeing him being scared of Ryuk when Ryuk gets “serious” was enough for him to warrant a pretty high spot on this list.

Of course, most of the Shinigami are creepy in their own right, but what makes Ryuk more intimidating than the others is that from what we see, he’s the only one who wasn’t there unwillingly or for the sake of their death note holder, like Rem and Sidoh, Ryuk’s there purely to see what “fun” he can start on Earth.

Fun involves mass murder and a global dystopia headed by a teenager with a god complex, of course. OH, THAT’S WHY PEOPLE COMPARE DEATH NOTE TO CODE GEASS.

PLSC: You know, I think the Shinigami were the friendliest characters in Death Note… I’m not sure I could ever see Ryuk as truly terrifying, I sort of get the guy. Also he gives me Jim Henson muppet vibes which makes me instantly like him. Did I mention my horrible tastes…

3. Shonen Batto – Paranoia Agent

Do you all miss Satoshi Kon as much as I do? Do you also add an H to his last name for no reason? I do that a lot… Thankfully, we still hear the great director’s name often enough, he’s yet to fade from popular memory and that’s a great thing for fans just discovering anime. The man could certainly tell a story.
Given his penchant for disturbing psychological tales, we also often hear about him around this time of year. However, he rarely strays into actual supernatural territory. Except for what I believe to be the highly underrated Paranoia Agent. Honestly guys, this is a great show.
The ethereal and mysterious antagonist, Shounen Batto, is seemingly a middle school boy with golden inline skates and a baseball cap wielding a bent golden baseball bat. For pretty much the entire series, nothing else is known. He attacks unsuspecting victims with no apparent reason, leaving them badly injured and just disappears. It soon made obvious that he can’t be quite human. The twist is that, after the violent attacks, most victims go on to live better lives than before.
It takes a master to make you truly terrified of a character that brings good fortune. And let me tell you, those tense scenes of dark streets and suspicious noises had me checking behind my back for weeks on end.
Lumi’s Note: I think being beaten up in a dark alleyway with a baseball bat is enough reason for me to be afraid of this guy, even without the whole mysterious god angle. Nothing is scarier than the simple combination of a deadly weapon and a psychotic stalker.

2 -Migi (?) – Parasyte

From personal experience, I know a LOT of people who refused to watch Parayste because of how skeeved out they were by Migi. Body horror is something I have always found disgustingly awesome, so Migi’s design just looked sickeningly badass to me. The way the the flesh and bone distorts itself into the shape of a crude looking blade, the extra eyes, the mouth in the palm, there’s just something really fun and macabre about the whole thing.
Of course,there’s also the whole parasite aspect to it. Migi was fully intent on murdering Shinichi and hijacking his mind for no other reasoning than because it was what his mission is. No reason other than that, and the fact that it’s never explained makes it all the more unsettling. To be honest, I would not have had the presence of mind to tie off my arm and isolate Migi like Shinichi did, I probably would have just found the nearest knife and cut him out.
Now technically, Migi is genderless and is even voiced by a female seiyuu, but since Migi attached to Shinichi and Shinichi primarily refers to Migi as male, I’ll make him male for the purposes of this list. It’s my blog, I do what I want!
PLSC: I am one of those people that have not watched Parasyte but I will someday. I did however read the manga years ago… Almost in a single sitting… while my sweetheart was away for the evening. At one point I thought I heard a noise from one of the closets, I almost put the place up for sale right then and there. Migi is creepy, if not in appearance – in psychological treatment. He just gets under your skin….

Lumi’s note:’ ^ nice pun.

Before we see number 1, we just have a few honorable mentions.

Since Lumi did mention Monster Girls, I figured I would throw in the cast of Orenchi no furo jijou in here. These are actual cute harem Monster Boys. Now they aren’t in fact scary in any way, but if you are craving a genderbent version of the fanservicey monster girls, this is the show for you. Also it’s a pretty cute short program.
Lumi’s note: This show entertainingly has possibly the biggest gay. Who said it was only monster girls that get all the fanservice?
Fafnir – Dragon Maid

Fafnir is supposed to be terrifying, and his dragon form is a recipe for nightmare fuel, but most of the time, he’s too busy playing Dark Souls or being in a will they-won’t they bromance with Takiya. Fafnir’s definitely a tsun-tsun, and so I cannot in good faith see him in a scary light. The dude hates humans with a burning passion, but he still has the self-restraint not to murder them all because his friends asked him not to and when a human actually treats him as a close friend, he admits the feelings are mutual in his usual indirect way. He’s a hit in my book.

PLSC: Fafnir is one of my all time best boys. I aspire to get cool enough to call him my spirit animal. Kobayashi as a show has an undercurrent of having life slip by you while you’re not paying attention and Fafnir embodies that on a fantasy scale. A terrifying Smaug like dragon, time and comfort have filed down his fangs and cooled his fire, yet that’s not always a bad thing. A fantastic character that reminds us there’s always something to look forward to even when glory isn’t as easy to recognize as it once was. He would have made it to my list if he was in fact either a “monster” or “boy”.

1- Femto – Berserk

Mic drop! Thank you folks. I believe I won this one!
No one was competing you say? LA LA LA can’t hear you!

Lumi’s Note: One word: Eclipse.

I agreed with Irina putting Femto at number 1 because come on, it’s Femto. In a manga full of screwed up grimdark moments, he’s the perpetrator of the darkest one. The others here may be monsters, but nobody else was as much of a monster to as many readers as he was.

That’s our 10 spookiest guys in anime to kick off the first week of Spooktober! Once again, big thanks to Irina (PrincessLovelySuperCool) for the help in compiling this list, and I hope you guys enjoyed this weekly post for Spooktober.


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