The Anatomy of a Generic Harem MC

[Repost, because I literally JUST officially finished all the stressful grown up stuff I had to do, and felt like I needed a rest for my brain box.]

Today on TLM Discovery, we’ll be talking about one of the most frustratingly annoying and possibly hated character archetypes in the anime kingdom. The typical male harem MC (latin name genus hominum) most commonly seen in Isekai and romcom anime, is a widespread species in the anime world, and today we shall study the unique components in the anatomy of a generic Harem MC to see how they manage to live day-to-day.

Capillos genus

I don’t know half these people, please do not lynch if they’re actually cool.

Their capillos genus already tells us that these guys don’t bother to take care of themselves RIGHT from the get go. No style, no personality, no nothin. The hairstyle will almost never change throughout the duration of the series, probably to showcase the fact that these characters will never grow past their introduction physically or mentally, except for the fact that they banged one of the harem (or possibly all, if the universe shows him enough pity).

Not be confused with the messy variant of capillos libido, wherein if the hair covers the eyes, it implies they are probably rapists. Keep away from this hairstyle at all costs, as it is a completely different species that can and will drug/timestop/somehow blackmail you to do their bidding.


Inanis Densa


Here in the cranium, we can see that instead of the usual brain structure, there appears to be miniature black hole that within holds a singularity. This singularity is the densest object in the known universe, and would explain why this species is so dense that they are unable to comprehend the attraction of females towards them, despite females quite literally throwing themselves at their feet. It is futile, because all signals, seductions or confessions are simply sucked into the hole and added to its density, furthering the MC’s ignorance.

Due to the nature of the inanis densa, it also absorbs ALL character development, leaving the MC void of any signficant personality as well.

Here is an example of the inanis densa in action:


Nullus Vertebrae


If you were to x-ray a harem MC, it is clear to see that there appears to be no vertebrae.

The lack of a spine not only makes their posture hunched and unintimidating, it also causes the MC to lose resolve much quicker than the average person, almost to the realm of absurdity. A girl could LOOK in their general direction, and they would most likely collapse from overexertion.


Not only that, it appears that this disability means their reflexes are greatly encumbered, making most of them weakly by default, unless the plot demands otherwise. In fact, the only reason they do not fold upon themselves is the sheer gravitational force of the inanis densa in their skull keeps their head upright.

Olfactory Hentai Gland


An MC, when sexually aroused by something, will have this gland trigger a high-pressure blast of blood from their nose that clocks in at 400 psi, rivaling that of a firehose! In rare cases, the MC can even use this as a method of escape from girls by pointing their nose at the ground and flying a great distance using the pressurized stream of blood. A clever technique, to avoid embarassing yourself doing something stupid by doing something stupid.

The olfactory hentai gland is found mostly in pervert variants, and its strength varies from species to species, but the MC is one of the most popular species to have it.

Bello Manus


The harem MC’s hands have a genetic attraction to breasts that only activates upon the MC tripping or bumping into a female character. Upon collision, the hand, regardless of where it was or the MC’s intent, grabs onto the breast of the woman and reflexively squeezes. While the female reactions may vary, the swift response is usually a scream and a punch that sends the MC flying into misunderstanding land.

The Rubridermis


The rubridermis is a much more sensitive evolution of the epidermis with very specific triggers. When coming in even SLIGHT contact with a female, or even if spoken to by a possible mate, the MC’s skin will take on a vivid shade of red to signify their embarassment to all who can see. The MC will then try to deny their embarassment, but their genetics simply cannot lie. The only other known species with a rubridermis is the common tsundere.


The MCs that don’t have a strong olfactory hentai gland tend to have a much more sensitive rubridermis, and vice versa. The “nice guy” variant of the generic MC tends to have this over the pervert MC due to their wish to find a pure girl.

All of these parts, while rather harmful to the MCs, are all rather comical in nature.

However, none of them are nearly as bad as the next part that I will be talking about.

Ego inserta-testa


Perhaps the most terrifying and saddening part of the Harem MC anatomy is that they have no true consciousness. The ego inserta-testa is the name for the very being of a generic MC. From latin, it literally translates to self-insert shell. This explains the generic appearance of every MC, because they are meant to be filled in by the viewer.

When unwatched by a viewer, they lose all the afromentioned internal organs and turn into a hollow shell, and only upon viewing does the viewer then wear the MC as an outer shell, assimilating the general features of the viewer (messy hair, lanky posture, lack of social awareness) but more generically handsome, thereby transforming their being into that of a generic harem MC to live out the fantasies of a life they can never live.

The viewer himself is conscious within the shell, but has no effect on the world outside him and can only be a viewer of a fantasy that they take can take never take any physical part in. The shell is reactive to its environment, not proactive, and so it is not truly a sentient being for it never does anything on its own, only acting in reaction to the things around it.


From the research that I got from this blogpost, I’ve come to actually show a different kind of emotion from the usual rage and frustration at this particular archetype. Pity.

It’s an unfortunate truth that most viewers who watch generic harem anime view it as a way to get the life that they never had, and with how low Japan’s birth-rate is, how high the suicide rates are, the toxic culture against otaku, I can’t exactly blame these archetypes for anything. They are a product of their environment, and the only respite a lot of people have from their lives.

I wish it weren’t, though. I wish it weren’t.




















Here’s a gif of a wolfgirl playing the flute as an apology for this weird post.



22 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Generic Harem MC

  1. In your first picture of harem MC’s, second down and fourth to to the right, I see a picture of Takumi Nishijou from Chaos;Head. Takumi is actually a deconstruction of the generic harem MC, as almost everyone actually hates him. He’s actually a spineless schizo who’s going insane and imagining that the girls around him are trying to get in his pants! In the end, he realizes he’s really just a creepy old man in a wheelchair who missed out on all the best parts of life.

    Accurate descriptions aside-
    “I don’t know half these people, please do not lynch if they’re actually cool.”
    Don’t worry, I’m way ahead of you! Just don’t watch Chaos;Head, it’s shit!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It is considered one of Madhouse’s worst anime productions ever…
        I like the quantum physics based ideas of Chaos;Head, but the execution is just so mindnumbingly terrible! A 6.5 on MAL is beyond generous! (It’s sequel is rated 9.14 though)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahah, this was pure comedy gold. You did great research on this strange species, should probably get it published in National Geographic to bring broader attention to these creatures. Inanis Densa, and Ego inserta-testa were pure gold to me.

    Great job on this post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great post! I dont think most of these harem boys have penises as they dont even notice the huge amount of hot girls that want them

    Liked by 1 person

      1. !!! They are * Insert forbidden F word here * !!! No wonder they keep screwing themselves (Not referring to capillos libido). lol
        (I think you know what I’m talking about XD)


  4. This is definitely a lot more different from your usual style, but different in a good (comedic) way! Wow that took a whole lot of headache away from me, I’m feeling so much better now. Thanks 😉
    Also, umm… That’s Momiji, a wolf tengu… not u-umm… really a c-cat g-girl.
    (The gif is cute anyhow!) ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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