Taking a Short Break

I’m at the tail-end of my on-the-job training and going through some important shows and manga in my backlog, so this week is gonna be a bit bereft of posts. I MAY still have a post up this Friday, but expect reposts for my usual Wednesday manga reviews.

I don’t like taking breaks, but I despise working on blogposts while I’m in a high stress environment. Once I finish the documentation I need for my internship, and actually finish some of the manga and shows I’m watching, I’ll be right back up. Stuff at home’s a bit shouty.

For those curious about what I’m reading and plan to review:

  • RElife (Webtoon)
  • Watching the Monogatari Series for the first time
  • Seasonal Shows (Overlord III, Cells at Work, Hanebado)
  • A metric ton of Shoujo Ai

That’s about what you can expect from me this week, and I hope to be back way sooner.

5 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break

  1. From what I’ve observed, the Monogatari series is really creepy and pretentious, but in such a way that it’s honest about it and actually proud of it. But that’s kind of where the bar is for a lot of Akiyuki Shinbo’s work.

    I can’t wait to see your reaction when you get to Nisemonogatari.

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