Kyon’s Choice And Why I Think It Was The Wrong One

I just watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, and while I want to talk about the rest of the movie, I REALLY want to talk about this part of the movie more than anything else.

So it comes without asking that there will be SPOILERS for this movie, so beware.














Okay, if you’re here, then you’ve already watched the movie or don’t care about spoilers, so let’s talk about the decision.

Future Nagato leaves Kyon with a choice on the club computer, and it can only be executed once. He can choose to stay in this new world, where there are no aliens, espers and time travelers, meaning a normal, if slightly peculiar, high school life. The other option, is to erase this world and revert to the old one, where he will always be rushing around, but he will be with old friends.

As we know, Kyon decides to go back to the world as it was with Haruhi as a god, because it was, in his own words, fun. I know that deep down, fun for Kyon just means, I get to be with Mikuru, Nagato, Koizomi, and especially Haruhi, the world which he had grown to accept and love.

He didn’t want to be in a world where he knew nothing, and nobody, at least as he did for the past year in his original timeline. I can completely sympathize with his character, and I think it was some amazing storytelling how they showed him struggle with that choice, and I personally believe that from a narrative standpoint, this is exactly the choice Kyon would have made.

With that said-

I never want to see her make this face again

Staying in this new timeline would have been the best option for the most people, for the most logical reasons, and my own personal bias, of course. Here are my two reasons, and first and most important:

Haruhi Is No Longer A Threat

The Haruhi in Nagato’s world is just as peculiar as the Haruhi we know and love, but now she can’t end the world with a thought. Of course, from a narrative standpoint, this would mean ending the series prematurely because that’s the whole premise, but in-universe, why on earth would you not let this be?

How many times has the world almost ended in the TV series just because Haruhi was a little upset? How many close calls of her discovering her latent ability have almost ended the lives of innocent people? Whose fault was it that everybody in the world, and most especially, Nagato, spent 594 years reliving the same day over and over because of her own selfish wants?

I cannot blame Haruhi for these actions, of course, she has no knowledge of her own power. You may as well tell fire to stop burning for all the good it will do you. However, if the end goal of the series was to keep the world safe, then what safer and most peaceful way is there to solve the problem than by removing Haruhi’s powers?

The most that they lose by transferring over to the new timeline, is the loss of the precious memories of the time they spent together in the SOS Brigade. I know, that these are really, REALLY, hard to give up, especially if a whole chunk of who you are relies on those experiences. However, if you weigh your own wants and needs, memories, against that of the safety of the world and even Haruhi’s?

Sacrifices have to be made. Kyon chose what he wanted, not what was needed, and he sacrificed the safety of a new world in favor of curing his own boredom.

Nagato’s Happiness

Of course, Nagato’s reasons are just as selfish as Kyon’s. She wanted to escape from the near-impossible responsibilities and tasks assigned to her, the unbearable stress and trauma of experiencing the same day over and over again, and most foreign to her, she wanted what Kyon had for herself. Kyon was always dragged into fun situations, and despite his complaints, he himself admits that he loved all of it. Nagato Yuki had no way to deal with the emotions she had gained from centuries of stress and experience. Kyon had saved her from the endless eight, and she was extremely grateful.

All of these things combined led her to make the decision to change the world with all of her power, at the expense of all the happy memories they had, and by separating everybody for a while. This must have taxed her endlessly, but for the first time, she finally had emotions, could finally get to Kyon and talk to him without it being a world-ending event, and even have the normal school life that she had only pretended to have for so long.

Maybe I do just like Nagato Yuki much more than Haruhi, but I think somebody who has suffered as much as she has, and sacrificed so many things, only to leave the end choice of which world should come to pass to the person she trusted most in the end?

I think Yuki deserves this happiness.


I can go on and on about this, but I wanted to make a quick core thoughts post about it, and I also wanted to talk about this with people as quickly as humanly possible to bounce my thoughts on it.

What would you have done, in Kyon’s shoes? Let me know in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “Kyon’s Choice And Why I Think It Was The Wrong One

  1. I reckon I would have made the same decision as Kyon, even if the world was no longer in danger anymore I would still like to know a God and have all the craziness that comes along with it because otherwise normal life and that is just boring to me.

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  2. I’d go with Kyon’s decision for sure. More fun being the main reason. Kyon didn’t really seem to have anything else exciting going on in his life, but then again its been many years since I’ve watched any Haruhi so I might just have forgotten a lot about him.

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    1. Yep, I pointed out in my post that Kyon’s choice in the movie was the correct choice for him to make as a character. He was never very selfless, and mostly just wanted to escape from his mundane life.

      But that’s the best choice he made for HIM.

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  3. No matter how dangerous Haruhi might be, Kyon made the rational choice. The known (danger and all) over the unknown. He would have to be a far more reckless character and one who is far more driven to choose an unknown world over one he was familiar with, and Kyon was never reckless or driven. He was always pretty apathetic and only makes choices out of necessity. I really get why he made the choice he made and figure most people would actually choose similarly in that situation.

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      1. Definitely the familiar. There’s something comforting about things being broken in a way that you are used to. Unless there was a 100% guarantee that the change made everything better, there is no point gambling on the unknown.

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  4. I haven’t finished up to this point in the Haruhi anime, but I read it awhile ago. (Like a year and a half ago or something)
    I would 100% choose the original world. “The most they lose from transferring over to the new timeline, is their precious memories”, yeah… that’s a bit too pricy. I don’t believe that innocence or even happiness leads to a fulfilling life.
    It would be fine if Nagato rejected her responsibility in some other way, but this is running. And her escapism came at the expense of the entire club’s memories. All of Kyon’s, Asahina’s, Koizumi’s, Nagato’s and even Haruhi’s efforts to get along despite their problems were all invalidated by Nagato’s escape.
    To me, that’s evil.
    If I were in Kyon’s place, I would trust my abilities, the bond of the group, and Haruhi not to screw up. I would also try to help Nagato be happy in a way that doesn’t require destroying everyone’s past… but eh, not really relevent to the choice itself.

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    1. You see, I think the difference here lies in what we really lose out on. The most we lose is maybe a year of experience. Haruhi and Koizomi being from a different school leads to a very different school life, but I don’t believe it has any less meaning to Nagato than the life Kyon left behind. Again, I know it was a difficult decision, supremely so.

      Kyon and Nagato are equally selfish, but I believe Nagato has every RIGHT to be at this point.

      Why are the memories of the alternate world any less valid? These guys have lived different lives, and whose to say wether or not they’d end up just as interesting given a chance?

      I’m not saying this is the direction the story should have went, but this is the decision that I would have ultimately come to. All that’s changed is a year of experiences, and I don’t really have a reason not to just befriend everybody all over again.

      Kyon and Nagato are partaking in their own escapisms either way. Kyon wanted an interesting life, but Nagato wanted a normal one where the people she cared about no longer had to be a danger to people. It’s just a shame the interesting life was frankly, the better story, and that’s why it went that route naturally.

      For me though? I probably would have stayed. Haruhi’s way too unpredictable, and with the novels being incomplete, we’ll never know if she ends up destroying the world or not.

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      1. Taking both worlds as equal is rough. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But either way, Kyon is the biggest loser.
        While Nagato erased her memory, unable to even feel guilt, Kyon would be stuck knowing her evil actions. How she murdered the world he loved and created a self-serving one in its place. While he would be burdened with the guilt of killing Nagato’s new world with my choice, the alternative is horrifying for Kyon!
        He would be accomplice to Nagato’s actions! That’s horrible! The guilt and knowledge will make it so that he CAN NOT form a similarly valuable relationship in the new world. How are they supposed to trust him with all that baggage?
        Honestly, be careful what you wish for. Life is way more complicated than anime makes it seem!

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      2. I know its complicated, man. But I don’t think Nagato murdered anybody, no different from Kyon choosing to reset the timeline. It’s basically just shifting consciousness. They’re still them, just on a different path. I do not think Nagato is evil, far from it. Saying she’s evil for what she did is basically calling Haruhi the same. They both have no way to gauge the consequences of their actions on the same level as we do. Nagato’s completely new to being human and has godlike power, and Haruhi is like child playing with toys, and that if she knew her toys were actually sentient, she might end up breaking down and turning into something worse.

        Both worlds were self-serving anyway. Nagato had no power in her new world, while Haruhi still did, and it was up to her own imagination what she wanted to do with it.

        Both choices have their ups and downs, but I still ultimately believe Nagato’s world is the one that is better for most everybody’s sanity (except Kyon, of course.)

        Honestly, this is exactly why we need a season 3 that showed Nagato in actually gaining something, ANYTHING, from all the horrible shit she had to go through. Why is her happiness with the world no less important than Haruhi’s, or Kyon’s, or anybody else’s?

        My only want, to be honest, is for Nagato of the new world to assimilate with the robot self. I honestly don’t liked the human Nagato way more than the robot Nagato.

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      3. I think we can agree though, that the one most at fault is Kyon for not being sensitive to Nagato in the first place. He had to have realized at some point that Nagato’s stress from all the responsibility and yet nobody was there for her could lead to something bad for her.

        I really want that Season 3 to show Kyon making it up to Nagato, is what I’m saying.

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      4. I can agree that I want Kyon to be more involved with Nagato, but making it up to her?
        I don’t believe Kyon’s the one to blame. The one most at fault is Nagato for making the decision… it’s no one’s job to save another person if they don’t ask for help. He could have done more, sure, but so could everyone else. Sorry, I’m a bit of a hard individualist. To imply that someone else is responsible for a person’s actions is kinda against my principles.
        Are her actions understandable and able to be sympathized over? Yes. So is wanting to murder an ‘evil’ person. They may be understandable and able to be rationalized, but that doesn’t make the actions or the consequences on a virtuous individual good. If you really care about Nagato, then I’m surprised that you would prefer to support a Nagato that isn’t Nagato. It’s a fantasy to believe that one’s happiness is identical to the other. Nagato without her experiences is similar to Nagato, but not Nagato.
        I’d rather OG Nagato learn to enjoy her actual life than do an effective suicide, is what I’m saying. To delete memories, histories and personas is exactly that- Murder. And the one who got killed most completely was Nagato herself. The more I consume media, the more I understand the idea of negating life.
        … though this was an interesting question.

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    2. Either way, I think what’s important here was less the choice itself, and more a character study on what Kyon valued most. I’m still glad he’s decided to finally stop relying on Nagato to solve all of their problems, and I hope that he makes her more of a participant in the activities before instead of being the doormat she usually is.

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  5. It’s been years since I’ve seen Haruhi, or this movie. I guess would have to choose with the world I know. In the world I know, there’s someone who has a the ability of a God, and I could stop that. Whereas in this new world who knows if that God is completely gone. I wouldn’t know for certain of the threat of a God destroying all humanity is gone, and that would probably cause me to loose weeks of sleep.

    Or it could be the fact I’m use too taking one of the team, and here it would be no different.

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  6. Yes, seeing it in a realistic way, you are right logically it is safer to choose the normal world, it is what will help more people and what will make it more peaceful.

    But if you only see it that way you’re misunderstanding Kyon’s decision and why he took it, after all the film is about Kyon accepting who he really is, he renounced being special, he agreed to be one of the bunch when he gave up believing in the paranormal, he will not simply lose his memories with the brigade, he will lose everything that made him special.

    It’s true that he said it’s because it’s more fun, but just as Haruhi struggles against the normal because she wants to be special, Kyon rejected Haruhi because it is a reflection of his past, Haruhi is Kyon if he had not given up, at the end of the movie he accepts that he still wants to be like Haruhi and admits what he has been rejecting the whole series, that yes it’s fun to be special and stand out from the rest, at the beginning of the series Kyon just wants to be someone from the bunch, he adores the laws of physics and reality.
    Ultimately the decision he make is what makes his character grow and is the point of the movie, as I say yes, logically it is better to choose the normal, but Kyon no longer want to be normal he rejects it.

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    1. And I agree that from a narrative standpoint, Kyon’s choice was great! I’m not knocking that, I loved it. I’m just talking about the consequences of that decision,and what I would do in his shoes.


      1. Well logically yes, the risk is lower, but to put in the title that the decision It was the wrong one, you’re saying it was wrong, but for his character was the one that made the most sense, now if you say from your point of view what would you do, well that already depends on what you values.

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