Why Did J. C. Staff Animate Backstreet Girls In Microsoft PowerPoint?

What the hell happened here?

I can’t even find decent resources for screenshots, and I can’t be bothered to find some from my phone. The show is a perfect adaptation of the manga.

Too perfect.

They, quite honestly, just got the manga panels, colored them in, and added voice acting. They did not improve on the manga as a visual medium. The only thing they bothered animating was the mouths, and very small movements. They didn’t even have the wherewithal to at least shade it better than in the manga.


I cannot say more than a few words about how bad it is. The jokes and voice acting are great, but it just pisses me off even more because they butchered an adaptation so badly. Whatever the opposite of Hand Shakers is, this is probably it.


Until I hear J. C. Staff fix this, give this show a wide berth. Not worth the minutes, and certainly not worth encouraging.

I needed to make this post, lateness be damned, because it was bad. Honestly, I wish they had went full awful instead of mediocre, so I could at least find solace in the fact that “maybe” it was all intentional.

I almost found it hilarious until I remembered this is the company handling One Punch Man S2. I sure hope they’re team is funneling all the resources into that, because there needs to be a good reason why this show was such a trash fire production-wise.

Edit: It has come to my attention, from research, that this episode had one key animator. At what point should they have just given up on adapting this at all?

Here’s what you should do. Play the episode, open the manga in another tab, and just read it side by side as an audio drama.


14 thoughts on “Why Did J. C. Staff Animate Backstreet Girls In Microsoft PowerPoint?

  1. I wasn’t going to watch this one this season, but now you’ve got me interested…. I don’t dislike J.C. Staff, necessarily. They’ve shown they know how to animate with series like Shokugeki. Seems like what you’re talking about would be a stylistic decision made by the director. The question would then be “why?”

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      1. That’s concerning because I think they’re also gonna be doing the new Konosuba movie. Fortunately, pretty much the same production crew will be involved, just under J.C. Staff this time instead of Studio Deen. Still, let’s hope this look is just a stylistic decision made for one series, and not a new studio trend.

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      2. Not too confident about that.

        See, Shokugeki has also had problems with animation too recently. Long stretches of episodes were just chibis talking in static, gradient background.

        Deen was at least funny cheap. This is just cheap, and I can’t help but worry.

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      3. That chibi thing has been a bit of a comedic staple for Shokugeki from the start, though. It was also balanced with some really good-looking stuff like the scene with Soma and Erina alone on the train.

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  2. I won’t hear a negative word said about J.C. Staff, they produced the most visually consistent and energy driven anime of last season, I don’t care how low-rated it is on MAL, Last Period was a beautiful anime with some of the best action scenes I’d seen all year!

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      1. Fair enough, there’s no excusing a bad adaptation, I was just annoyed at the comments suggesting that J.C Staff were incapable of quality, seriously Last Period had among the best animation of the Spring 2018 anime season.

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    1. Also, I love a lot of J. C. staff’s works, Shokugeki no Soma’s first two seasons were amazing looking.

      But they have been tripping lately. I can’t say anything about Last Period though, as I have personally not seen it yet.

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  3. To be honest, JC Staff has been dropping the ball lately. I hate what they did with the latest season of Food Wars. It felt like they just colored in the manga panels and didn’t bother using the full potential of anime as a medium like they did with the first 2 seasons.

    It’s actually frustrating because Food Wars was my favorite until they botched the last season

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