I’ve Reached a 100 Followers! (A Short Reflection and Thank You)

I started this blog 4 months ago a few days before my birthday. I loved watching and reading anime, but I loved discussing it with other people even more, if you can believe it. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but it was only when I started blogging that I really embraced it!

Also, I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts to a bunch of strangers on the internet and be complimented for it for imaginary internet points.


My very first real post was simply a repost of my psychoanalysis of the girls from Doki Doki Literature Club from Reddit, and I got my first 10 followers right off the bat! Obviously, not that big a deal to some, but those 10 are probably some of my most active readers, which I really appreciate. These 10 amazing people would be:

I may not know any of you that much now past your posts, or maybe even ever, we are just strangers who likes reading stuff online after all. I didn’t even know half of your guys’ genders and would just resort to different variations of “dude” and you whenever we talked.


Kidding aside, I just wanted to let ya guys know how much I appreciate you guys for giving my content a chance. You all helped put my metaphorical foot in the door of what has become a very fulfilling part of my life. I’m a small blogger, and slowly growing, but you guys have been a great support, in more than just follows and likes. Thank you!

Anyways, enough with the sappy stuff, I wanna talk about the things I’ve learned about blogging, about anime, and just life in general after being a blogger.

Dailyposting sucks (if you have nothing to say)


When I first got into blogging, my first instict was trying to pump stuff out daily even when I had nothing to say, just so I could fill a quota I had inflicted on myself. Not only did my content suffer, I was also kinda stressed out during that two week period of desperately scrounging up ideas for blog. My trash and drafts have a LOT of posts that I prefer won’t see the light of day. I’m sure more experienced bloggers than me have drafts and trash going into the 50s.


When I saw some bloggers, bloggers whose content I liked, go on hiatus or even give up thanks to stress and setting deadlines, I thought to myself, “If I start crumbling here, I’m gonna be toast once I reach the level of these guys”.

So I stopped dailyposting. Instead, to satisfy my needs of writing something everyday, I started wrtiting out more drafts, and started scheduling them throughout the week. Now, I can actually give my posts time to breathe and be discovered!

Obviously, people like Karandi and Irina are the exception, not the rule. If you can do daily posts, go ahead!

One comment is better than a measly hundred views


When I first started, I put a lot of clout on getting the most views possible, thinking that was all it took to make a blog great. Of course, this isn’t YouTube because if it was, I could probably post pictures of anime boobs and get all the views I wanted and be rich by now.

Some of my favorite posts I’ve made were ones I didn’t even advertise heavily on social media, they were just posts that I felt were fun to do, and while their views were low, the fact that it had so many comments made me enjoy it even more! As a blogger, knowing your reader’s thoughts and likes is incredibly important, and the easiest way to do that, without resorting to SEO, Google analytics, and all that jazz, is for your audience to tell you exactly what their thoughts are.

Of course, comments are a two-way street. When they comment on your posts, it is your duty to check out the good content they have, and share your thoughts as well. In addition, It promotes camraderie among fellow bloggers, and honestly, talking about stuff is just fun.Everybody wins!


Blogging’s fun!

“Well, duh.”

No, seriously. Blogging was a lot more fun than I thought it was!

Again, I had entered the blogging world believing it to be a future job. I enjoyed it, but I always thought “this is gonna be a career”, and I kept on thinking on those terms because of that. SEOs, google analytics, keywords, all that kind of stuff.

However, with time, as I kept on posting more and more, and people shared their thoughts with me, and I with their posts, I realized I had long gone past thinking of blogging as just a career choice. I thought blogging was one of the most fun things I am currently doing in my life, and the things I have gained from it in the few short months are wonderful. This was something I wanted to do, irregardless of the fact that I make money from it or not. It was fun, plain and simple, and I hope to keep on blogging for as long as humanly possible.

Here’s to the next hundred people I hope to entertain as much as you guys!

27 thoughts on “I’ve Reached a 100 Followers! (A Short Reflection and Thank You)

  1. I hope we get past dude someday – although I like dude. Great post and very true to my own experience. Except for the daily blogging part. I got the rambling on about nothing bit down. I work in law…
    But I also didn’t think I would have this much fun essentially doing homework but it’s awesome.
    And I a thoughtful comment blows everything else out of the water except for a surprise email from my contact page, or a random keep up the good work DM, both of which are a little gift every time.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your 200 followers post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats, my man. I’m still working on 100, though I’m finding there’s not some magic elixir to happen. (I do need just one more for 50 though, lol.) Doing blogging is definitely fun though, and you’re absolutely correct in saying that taking more time to just slow down and write what you actually want to write, at the level you’re happy with, is super important. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff since discovering this place around a month ago thanks to your comment on that Nagisa piece I did, and I’m excited to see how you keep growing! Keep up the good work, from one writer to another!

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  3. Aw, this really made my day. You’re welcome & I hope you continue to have fun blogging! I actually really relate to the feeling of starting off thinking in career terms – I genuinely want to do something with writing or something eventually, but as time went on I just appreciated the nice little community that exists and enjoyed discovering all the interesting posts that I would have never found if I hadn’t started blogging (like your posts!).

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happy 100 (and counting) .. umm.. Dude!
    I’m not an active commenter or long-time follower of your blog, but its been fun reading your posts and insights after discovering from mentioned fellow awesome bloggers 🙂
    Cheers to greater growth and potential topics to talk about on your blog in time to come!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Conga-rats!

    >Of course, comments are a two-way street. When they comment on your posts, it is your duty to check out the good content they have

    From my POV, that’s most of it. The rest is replying to comments and participating in discussions on your own blog. Those replies and discussion are what elevate a blog into greatness.

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  6. This is so awesome and I’m happy for you!
    Finding that happy medium with posting is always a must. I keep telling myself to have a schedule then I miss it and well… I sometimes need to reminds myself that I’m doing this for fun.
    The people on here are so amazing and I really will never say it enough and I’m so happy that you are one of those amazing people!
    Keep it up and here’s to 200!!

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  7. Congratulations! I wasn’t there from the very start but I’ve been following you for a while and it’s nice to see that someone else enjoys blogging as much as me!

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  8. Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on the milestone. I agree that comments give you such a fantastic feeling when you know someone has taken the time to read your content and felt motivated to respond.
    Best of luck into the future and hope you continue to grow as a blogger.

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  9. i just got back from the hiatus and two days ago i took a peek to this pingback sorted under one of my anime reviews. i knew someone is up, and i was ready to take the time to read the post as soon as possible. now, im glad knowing that one of my comrades is achieved one of his goal~ yes, blogging is fun … and i believe you have known ur audience more than i know mine, u gotta proud of that too~
    cheers for the next 100 ppl who’ll discover ur awesomeness! ^^

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