Who Inspired Me To Start Blogging?

Blogging’s a really fun hobby, as it turns out.

When I started this blog 3 months ago, there were some people that I watched constantly to get a feel for what and what NOT to do as a solo anime essayist. These guys are the biggest influences on my writing style and even tastes in anime, and without them, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog!

Click images for links to the videos talked about and stuff.


Anime is Trash, and so am I.

I use Gigguk’s videos as a lesson on how to be hilarious when talking about anime, but also be passionate. Gigguk’s seasonal recap of anime never fails to make me laugh, and the fact that it’s also a great way to filter what and what NOT to watch is a bonus. His infamous tirade about Eromanga Sensei being a satirical post-modern critique of the lolibait imouto genre is still one of my favorite and most quoted videos of his in recent memory.

However, my favorite videos from him aren’t the memes or the recaps, it’s the passionate essays he puts out about anime in general, and how it has affected both him and the world at large. You can tell from those videos just how genuine he is about loving Japanese cartoons, and how much it has changed the course of his life.

It’s honestly inspiring, and sometimes, I wish I could put my own thoughts into words as well as he does without sounding scripted. When he talked about Koe no Katachi or Kimi no Na Wa, he ended up talking more about the impact it has than the movie itself, something that I’m still working on being able to do.

Super Eyepatch Wolf

This handsome, Irish lad is hands down one of the best analytical essayists on the platform right now. The fact that his first ever video was a 50 minute long spoiler-free verbal beatdown as a response to some chucklefucks trashtalking Hunter x Hunter. It’s a channel literally born out of spite.

That’s awesome. He also ended up going on a podcast with said chucklefucks here. It’s great!

His video essays are uploaded about once or twice in a month, but all of them are quality, and have no fat. All of them are informative, entertaining, and long as hell, and even his recommendations are greater than 20 minutes in length. He can talk at length about any topic he enjoys, and only if it needs that much time dedicated to it. He is the analytical inspiration for my writing, and why I love reading long posts. His videos on Junji Ito’s brilliant use of horrific imagery made me start reading manga, and I even bought my first ever physical copy of a manga because of him. It’s passion and intelligence in one smooth package.

All of You!

Cheesy? Probably.

Genuine? Well, yes.

I’m not a big blogger by any means, so this might come off as weird, but I really appreciate all of you guys who stuck by me, or liked my content, my comments, anything. I started this blog with absolutely no idea how to do anything. I’m pretty sure all of my earlier posts don’t even have tags, which makes it all the more impressive some people actually found my blog and shared it!

Seeing so many bloggers being so helpful and supportive to each other, and the community of discussion it generates is something that I’ve always wanted. Collab posts, advice, comments, just everything you guys do are a huge factor in why I keep on blogging. It’s honestly become a highlight of my life if I can make a damn good post, because that means people actually care about something I said.

Sure, half of ya’ll might be bots, but I don’t care. As long as somebody is reading and interacting with me, I’ll keep this blog running.

That was just a quick post for today. I felt like making a post for some reason, and this was what came to mind.

Who inspired you to start blogging? Let me know in the comments below!

Until then, see ya next time!

16 thoughts on “Who Inspired Me To Start Blogging?

  1. Oh boy… I knew I’d have to own up to this eventually, so let’s just do it here.

    I was a huge fan of Jesuotaku’s video reviews, and when he retired, it left a gaping hole in my life, so I decided to write my own reviews, and come as close to his style as possible, even ripping off his review structure wholesale.

    But, over time, I made it more my own thing.

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  2. I don’t think anyone in particular inspired me to start blogging. I was looking for a community to discuss anime and decided to start a blog giving up on various forums and discussion lists as the conversation was sparse and fairly pointless. Glad I made the choice but I really only started reading blogs and the like once I’d already started blogging.

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  3. I’m glad you began blogging & this was a wonderful post to read. I think it’s awesome to remember & appreciate the ppl who inspire us to pursue passions we may otherwise not jump on. I’m sure it helps them & their work feel more meaningful. ☺️

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