Hina’s Festival Episode 7 – Anzu continues being the best daughter ever, and Hina for President 2020!

That was a quick blog break, lol.

Yep, this is a special exception. This would normally be a Friday reaction post, but since I only started watching Hinamatsuri exactly two days ago, I wasn’t able to make a reaction post for the latest episode until now. Hinamatsuri is too good for me not to include in my weekly anime diet, but expect the next post to be on a Friday!

Anyways, like the title says, Anzu, who as I’ve said in my quick series impression is the best character of the series, continues being best daughter material. I love how she still goes on auto-pilot and acts like she is still a homeless person. Simple things like wonderment at light switches instead of candles and muttering in her sleep about promising her old homeless friends she’ll work hard for them makes her the most virtuous child I’ve seen in an anime that could actually exist in real life.


In the second half of the episode, Hina decides to be class president, despite the fact that first years aren’t allowed. This doesn’t stop our telekinetic bricks-for-brains from trying though, as she makes her rousing election speech over lunchtime, which consisted of “Nobody bothers me while I sleep and lunchtime is longer, the end.”

I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this reaction pic from now on.

Of course, Nitta won’t let her daughter make a fool out of herself too much, so he gets a lawyer to write up a speech for her, which she follows a bit too close to the letter, to hilarious effect.

Fun fact: From reading the reddit thread, I found out her entire speech was written in Hiragana because she doesn’t know how to read anything more advanced yet. It’s even spaced out in big font for her to easily understand. In contrast, Anzu could read the menu in their diner.

I love the attention to detail, especially when it makes Anzu better.

The third act of this episode is centered around Nitta at trying to get Utako out on a date. Hina ends up wanting Utako to be her mom, and very bluntly says so. Utako eventually agrees, after a passive-aggressive jab from Hitomi that the bar would do just as good without her with Hitomi there. So much so she’s gone from the ED.


Nitta breaks Hina’s leg, promises her to bring back Utako as a mom, but gets rejected. Hina’s disappointed look is on point too.

Overall, one of the best episodes so far, it develops the three main girls very well, while still being funny as all heck, and I can’t wait until Friday!

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