Wotakoi Episode 6 REACTION and the end of daily-posting.

Fluffy and standard episode all around! Not much in terms of relationship progression, and some teeny tiny animation issues, but it was still a nice watch.

Starting off strong with the girls forcing the guys against a wall by literally making Hirotaka force Kabakura against a wall for their sick yaoi viewing pleasure.

I’m into it though, so pictures ahoy!

We get a cute little moment between Kabakura and Hana-chan, where they both decide to stay over at his apartment and “pass the rain.” (Hint: They most definitely did the sex)

Something tells me Kabakura planned this all along, considering his Christmas screwup last year.

We get a cute little story with Nao and Hirotaka about how long they believe in Santa, as Nao sets out to prove he is the second coming of Baby Jesus because of how wholesome and nice he is. He just oozes understanding and optimism, I love it.

Kabakura makes up for last year with Hana, and they have a fancy and very romantic dinner.

In contrast-

God, these two are such dorks.

Wotakoi continues to be a wonderful romcom, not much else to say, really.

Now, this marks the end of my dailyposting for the next few weeks. With my backlog growing ever more massive, I have taken it upon myself to finally clear it all out before my school starts again. I will be posting frequently still, but instead of daily, I’ll probably post 1-2 posts on active free days for me, such as Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Monday and Sundays are going to be my break days,with Thursdays and Wednesdays maybe having posts in case I finish a series the day before. I also want my older posts to be more seen, so I might make a nice recap post of some of my underrated posts soon-ish.

That’s all, folks, see you on Tuesday!

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