Mother’s Day Blog: My Favorite Moms From Anime

Mothers are some of the most caring, kind and lovely people you will ever meet in your life. Sure, not all of them are like that, but the responsibilities and privilege of being a mother for a child brings with it a lot of learning experiences, experiences that good people use to make themselves even better.

So, I decided it’s time for me to talk about some of my favorite moms from the anime that I’ve watched. This is not in any particular order, because on this day, all good moms are equal!

(Note: Spoilers ahead, so skip the moms for series you haven’t watched yet!)

Ishida Miyako – Koe no Katachi

She might seem more like a once wild teenager who suddenly has to take care of children, but that doesn’t make her any less of a good mom. Being a single mom is hard enough as it is, especially with a problem child like Shouya was. She may have failed to notice her son’s crippling depression at first, but once she realizes, she immediately responds to his call and scolds then consoles him for trying to take his life, in a very impassioned rant.

She’s easygoing and carefree, and and overall doing a good job, but as with real life, having work as a single mom is a hard life. The fact that she still manages to be a loving mother despite that is wonderful, and should be given the proper respect.

Takasu Yasuko – Toradora!

In a more extreme case than Miyako, Yasuko is another young woman who never really grew fully into the responsibilities of being an adult, but nevertheless did her absolute best in raising a child. She juggles multiple jobs, goes home incredibly late because of it, but still managed to raise somebody like Ryuuji. That’s a very impressive feat and she totally deserves to a spot on this list for that reason.

It also helps that she ends being a big sister to Taiga, who is estranged from her own parents, that gives her bonus affection points in my book.

Chichi – Dragonball Z

Can’t have a mom without THE OG mom of anime. Since we all know Goku’s not exactly the best role model, Chichi disciplines his son and makes him study everytime he’s not saving the world, to ensure he has a future apart from fighting villains everday. Chichi managed to instill a quality that most Saiyans lack into Gohan: Responsibility. Gohan ended up being a wonderful husband and dad, all thanks to Chichi and best dad, Piccolo (Wait until June for your turn, buddy).

Akari Kawamoto – March Comes in Like a Lion

She may not be really a mother, but she had to take on the role for her little sisters at the age of 19. The fact that she shouldered all that responsibility while helping with the family sweets business and having her own hostess job is incredibly admirable. Despite all that stress, she finds the time to be supportive, kind and helpful to her sisters as not only a mother figure, but also as a sister they can confide and play with.

Not only that, she also ended up being somewhat of a maternal figure to our resident sadboi Rei. Rei’s childhood never really had a proper mother or sister besides his original family, but Akari, with a single outstretched hand, gave him a bit of the life that he had always wanted. Akari may not be a mom biologically, but she is certainly a mother in every other respect.

Sanae Furukawa – Clannad

Sanae is a precious cinnamon bun, which is ironic considering her penchant for deadly pastries. She may act all aloof and playful, but she is truly a supportive mother for her sickly daughter, as well as her own granddaughter. She ends up giving up a lot of things in the process, but in her own thoughts, she gained much, much more.

It’s a wonder she stays cheerful and strong despite all the things her family goes through, which is a testament to her silent courage. Imagine losing one daughter to childbirth, then immediately having to take care of your granddaughter who is a carbon copy of the daughter you just lost.

She looks at Ushio everyday, and has to double-take because she keeps on thinking to herself “My little girl is still here” before shaking herself out of it. Five whole years of that reminder, and only at the end of it when Tomoya finally decides to take care of Ushio, does she finally break down and cry. Only a mother could have that much strength, to lose so much for someone so little. In Sanae’s eyes of course, that little one is worth more than anything else in the world.

That was my list of my favorite moms from anime. Comment down below any examples from stuff I haven’t watched, so I can give it a go.

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Blog: My Favorite Moms From Anime

  1. When I saw this post in my reader, at first I was like – Akari isn’t a mother. Then the part of my brain that my first cup of coffee had actually effected slapped the other part and went “how is she NOT a mother”?

    She’d probably be at the top of my list though…

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