Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 4 REACTION

Remember when I said I wouldn’t do episodic reactions anymore, unless it was a premiere?

I lied, this episode was just too precious to pass up. Don’t worry, I think I’ll be doing these reaction posts only for anime that is REALLY standout to me, and don’t need the other episodes to complement them, so don’t expect reactions to MHA S3, Megalo Box, or any plot-driven anime, as they need at least three episodes or more for me to understand all the context and story.

So yeah, it’s mostly gonna be romance and slice-of-life for my weekly reaction posts, basically any anime that doesn’t necessarily have “arcs.”

With that said, this is my favorite episode so far!

This week’s episode starts off rather silly, what with the girls coercing the guys into cosplaying:

And the latter half of the episode focusing on them drinking and hanging out at the story, where once again, Hanako and Kabakura are fighting once again, but things get more heated than the usual. After being asked by Narumi who confessed first back when they first met (Hanako looking handsome as hell) :

Narumi decides to defuse the tension by asking the both of them to say something they like about the other person, so they can kiss and makeup.

Kabakura’s response did not defuse the tension:

This sets Hanako off, and she storms off crying, and we see the first hitch in our romcom 😮

How many episodes will it take for Kabakure and Hanako to make u-

I didn’t even get to finish my sentence

Again, this is why I LOVE this show. Any other show, ANY other romcom that came out recently, would have had this stretched out over two episodes, or if they have no ideas at all, an entire season.

But nope, these guys are adults, and while they do make mistakes, they care a lot less about their own pride if it means comforting their SO.

I like that we also get to see confident and outgoing Hanako’s vulnerable side. Her concerns about her boyfriend just liking her because it’s “convenient” are very real problems that I’ve seen some couples have, and that she actually does worry about the fact that they fight a lot.

Basically, this entire episode felt like the half of a teen romcom condensed into a single episode:

Setup -> Conflict -> Drama -> Resolution -> Cute moments

In a single episode!

This must be what good writing looks like.

Of course, our actual lead couple still have their problems, as Narumi is concerned that Hirataka is compromising too much for their relationship to work. This has been a concern for her for the past four episodes, so we can safely assume that this is gonna be a constant prob-


Goddamn it, stop ruining my predictions, you-


This is also a shot-for-shot recreation of the scene from the manga, and I love that.

Anyways, it’s a great show, so please go watch it, we need more romcoms like this!

5 thoughts on “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 4 REACTION

  1. Yeah, it’s nice to get complete conflict introduction/resolution in a single ep. I can watch this one before bed and have a few laughs without getting hung up on a super intense cliffhanger or something.

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