Spring of April 2018: My Hero Academia S3 (Episodes 1 to 4)

Good whatever-time-it-is-you’re-reading-this, I am The Luminous Mongoose, and it’s time for a monthly seasonal series review!

So far, our summer camp is looking pretty exciting, but maybe not in the ways that Class 1-A wanted.

My favorite part of the season so far is when they are exercising their quirks to make them stronger, almost (and for some, literally) like training your muscles to withstand wear and tear through hardcore workouts.

I love training montages, so these past few episodes have been a treat, as well as hilarious in more ways than just my post image.

The best one so far has to be Hagakure being nude on national television.

Hey, at least the censors don’t have to work too hard.

We are also introduced to the hero group the Wild Wild Pussycats, which is exactly what I think would happen if Ladybaby was a hero group in the MHA Universe.

They are funny characters, but also competent at their jobs as guardians for the most part.

The kid, named Kota, is Deku’s minor conflict in the earlier episodes, an orphan who hates both heroes and villains and everything they stand for. While most of it is bitterness at losing his parents, you can’t help but feel that he’s kinda right. Heroes and villains do tend to make a show out of serious events, irregardless of the consequences to themselves or others. A strange mirror to Stain’s ideology.

Now, with summer training out of the way, let’s get to the serious stuff.

The Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains (I swear they’re picking lame names on purpose to make it scary) has attacked!

I like these villains so far. We already see one of them is a follower of Stain, and is also just as ridiculous looking.

Dabi just looks cool as hell, even his FLAMES are a cool color.

Toga’s still a murder wife.

And our focus villain for this arc so far, Muscular!

This is where we really see Deku finally fight himself, in a way. He has never really fought a brute all by himself yet, so even his 100% hits won’t do more than faze him for a minute.

Honestly, when Deku is being slowly crushed and apologizing to his mom and All Might, it made me cry. That was really dark, and you don’t often see a shounen MC that vulnerable and scared in a fight that isn’t even a finale. It reminds me of that scene in Spider Man: Homecoming where Peter was stuck under some rubble and his first instinct was panicking and shouting for help. Even heroes are still human, after all.

But just when you think it’s all over, you forget that this is the absolute Mad Lad Deku we’re talking about here, so he just punches 1,000,000% AGAIN with the same arm!

Oh, and for clarification from the author himself, the 1,000,000 isn’t arbitrarily Deku getting stronger like Goku. He is just as strong as he usually was, just more determined.

And we end on this awe-inspiring final shot:

This is the most shounen thing Deku has ever done, but where I appreciate this is because of how REAL the consequences of his actions are. We know that there will be repercussions for Deku pushing himself past his limits again, and it won’t just be handwaved with a scene in the hospital and laughing.

Wait a minute.

One thought on “Spring of April 2018: My Hero Academia S3 (Episodes 1 to 4)

  1. The moment of Midoriya getting crushed was touching, but I think the overly shounen solution here kind of killed any tension for me so by the end of the episode what I remembered was him getting a random power up just because he needed one rather than the danger he might have been in. Still, episode 4 certainly picked things up after the first three episodes so hopefully MHA is back on a roll.

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