So there’s no confusion, I have changed my name from CarnivorousL to The Luminous Mongoose.

So, a little fun fact about CarnivorousL, is that it’s actually short for Carnivorous Luminous Mongoose. This was a randomly generated username for me back in my Poptropica days, and I just never bothered to use any other online handle since.

However, the name CarnivorousL just has a weird ring to it, and honestly, jt just doesn’t flow as well of the tongue.

With that in mind, I decided to use the latter half of my name from here on out. I think Luminous Mongoose has more identity and uniqueness to it than CarnivorousL, and now, people can just call me Goose for short instead of L. Whenever people call me L, I just get Death Note PTSD.

This also finally explains why the avatar I decided to go with was a glowing red mongoose. That, also, will be revamped in the coming months, I’ll see if I can’t hire an artist to make me a nice mascot for the blog!

That’s it, just thought I would let you guys know.

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