Going forward, I will no longer be doing episode by episode reactions.

I know I’ve only done it twice, but I don’t want to clutter my blog. I started off with lots more research and analysis on my earlier posts, and only focusing on things I am really interested in. My full appreciation of a series only really blooms when I have the whole picture of it. If any of you followed me for that reason, I would like to introduce you to my earlier posts so you can get an idea of what I was about before I tried doing a weekly thing, by checking out the stickied post on my homepage.

So moving forward, I will not be doing episode by episode reactions. Instead, I will be doing This Month in Anime, where I talk about the series monthly and their progression instead, but I will no longer be doing a weekly thing, as it honestly isn’t my style after giving it a try. This gives me more time to focus on series that really deserve to a thorough breakdown, as well as not clogging up my blog with my rather basic reactions. I know of plenty bloggers who are better at first reactions than me, some of which I follow closely!

That’s all, thanks for understanding, and I hope to hear feedback on this decision if you feel inclined to, I would appreciate it.

And the Saintly Weekend coming this week will be of Eden of the East, so look forward to that!

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