The Top 5 Androgynous Guys in Anime (Or half of it, at least)

This was a collaboration with local anime alcoholic Irina from the Drunken Anime Blog, read the first half of this list on her blog here.


L: Shiota Nagisa –  Assassination Classroom


Cool, calm and collected.  All good qualities for an assassin, and even moreso for somebody who can blend into a crowd as easy he does. Like Totsuka,  he also dislikes being called or being forced to act like a girl, and his pigtails are a pragmatic choice rather than an aesthetic one.  Despite that, he has deep-seated insecurities about his own perceived talents due to past trauma and is very shy around classmates. Couple that with a lack of goals and a pessimistic outlook,  you’ve got a jaded androgynous stew going. I like him because he is a very nice deconstruction of the “trap” archetype in anime, and how a legitimately boyish boy would react when he feels he is being emasculated.

I don’t wanna spoil anymore about his character,  but there is a very good reason why he looks the way he does and why he feels bitter about it.

Irina: Grell – Black Butler


Grell rocks. In a cast of over the top weirdos, he reigns supreme and probably has the tiara and jeweled corset to prove it. If gender was a mere suggestion for Yasaburo, it’s a frilly negligee for Grell. And boy does he know how to look great wearing it. His gleeful disregard for traditional gender roles almost makes you doubt he had any concept of them to begin with.


There’s something deeply joyful about Grell’s genderbending. He seems to genuinely be having fun, laughing in the face of convention. And there’s something deeply charming about that. Somehow, despite his best efforts, he manages to avoid becoming an unbearable buffon (just barely) and remains a show stealing diva. In spite of my better judgement, I can never get enough Grell.

Honorable mentions…


Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter


I told you I liked HxH. I love/hate Neferpitou with a passion. Rarely has a character managed to capture my attention so much without ever giving me any reason at all to root for them.  The design is fabulous. The only reason pitou doesn’t make my ist is that I do not know if pitou is in fact a boy. I don’t even know if chimera ants have binary gender designations. Their entire biology is fascinating!

Ruka – Steins;Gate


My beloved and fragile Ruka still manages to stir protective yearnings in me at the mere sight of her. Considering that I’m just a touch less sensitive than most rocks, this is an: Accomplishment. Ruka is lovely, in design and in character. However, the game made it quite clear that Ruka is a trans girl and simply belongs on a different list. I just wanted to make sure people didn’t think I was leaving her out.

L: Nitori Shuuichi –  Wandering Son


In a surprisingly serious take on gender identity and sexuality,  Nitori Shuuichi is biological male who identifies herself as a girl, and eventually transitions into a full-blown female. She borrows clothes from friends,  or gets them from her bully of an older sister. Even before the transition though, she was viewed as beautiful by her classmates, boys and girls alike. However,  her docile nature and gentle personality means some boys at her high school took that as a sign of weakness, and bullied her for who she was. Overall, she is a wonderfully realistic portrayal of a transgender girl living through life in high school through college, and the baggage that comes along with it.  I originally had her as number 1 on this list, but as Irina said about Ruka, Nuichi is a trans girl, and no longer identifies as a male, so it would be a disservice to her to have be here after all the effort she went through to get that stigma away.

Felix Argyle – Re:Zero


I can’t have a list of otokonokos and not talk about this walking,  meowing, pile of fanservice in the shape of a catboy. Felix Argyle I’d argue was the one who jumpstarted the sudden surge of otokonoko love in the modern animemes community, and while he may have like zero characterization,  he is a phenomenon who took the anime world by storm.

Astolfo – Fate/Apocrypha


Call me mainstream trash,  but Astolfo is the otokonoko to beat right now.  Hell, I wouldn’t even have made this list if he didn’t come to mind, and the reason why is because Astlolfo is straight up attractive.  He’s a genki, adorable and sometimes badass knight, but at the end of the day, he is mostly there to be eye candy, and you know what,  that’s just fine, it works.


Hideri Kanzaki – Blend S

I love surprises!  He is a hilarious character, and  biggest reason why I like him is the absolutely brilliant  deep voice gag her seiyuu does when he is in “male mode”. With Hideri,  her “OOC” moments is exactly what gives her so much character than the typical otokonoko. Things like nonchalantly throwing a cockroach away with his bare hands and then pretending to be terrified afterwards when he realizes his audience gives that unique flair to his character.


Hideri is a narcissistic idol-type, and boy do I enjoy that, and it helps that he’s voiced by none other than a certain vain idol,  Nico Yazawa. The idea of a farmboy wanting to be an idol adored by his disgusting weeb fans to escape his boring farm boy life is just such a treat, and the fact that he treats his girl self like a character is refreshingly different from most otokonokos. His expressions are also always hilarious and a great source for reaction pics.


Overall, Hideri’s adorable, and really, that’s all you need sometimes with an anime.

Envy – Full Metal Alchemist


ENVY. I feel like this one speaks for itself. Envy is all things but the remaining Homunculi do refer to him as their brother, so let’s go with that. Much like everyone else on my list, Envy simply doesn’t seem to be bothered by any specific description of gender, neither is he intimidated by it.

As far as I’m concerned, that makes him awesome. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is a wonderfully crafted and complexe character in what is a truly compelling series. Ok before this turns into an FMA post, let’s just say – I really like Envy.


So there you have it, the top androgynous dudes in anime, according to to some random people from the internet you guys like to read, for some reason.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

P.S. I am totally straight, it’s not my fault these guys are beautiful.


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