SAO IS ACTUALLY A GOOD SHOW NOW, GUYS! Gun Gale Online: Alternative Episode 1

Let me start off by saying I do not care for SAO. I liked it during Aincrad, HATED Alfheim, and was pretty meh on GGO and Ordinal Scale.

The biggest problem of the series to me was always resident Marty Stu/Jesus-kun Kirito himself who is THANKFULLY not present here.

Except for a short cameo as number 21 on the rankings

Now that we are free from the overpowered garbage and unnecessary sexualization of every single waifu in Kirito’s harem, I can finally like SAO again without feeling dirty.

The first episode of GGO puts forth an underused concept to SAO, actual strategy and tactics. Our protagonists, M and LLEN, are immediately likeable and competent, with their own strengths and weaknesses. LLEN is a short, bright pink, loli who holds a P90 she has adorably dubbed “P-chan”.

While some may argue this takes you out of the action, need I remind ya’ll this is an online shooter, and much gaudier things actually exist in real life games.

Keep in mind this is in a game where everything around you is drab gray

LLEN is naturally skilled, but also a newbie and very nervous. M is the seasoned player, who knows the game and is reasonably competent in a lot of areas.

Most of the episode is observing enemies and thinking of how to deal with them. The biggest threat is a squad of policemen using the game as training. The way M and LLEN beat them is by taking advantage of that fact. The policemen forget that this is still a videogame, and so, unorthodox methods were used.


To great effect:

Omae wa mo shinderou………

And of course, in true online gamer fashion, the avatar is far from looking like her real life self.


After some research, the reason why this is so different from regular SAO is that it’s not only a spinoff, but also written by a completely different author. Man, that is a relief.

Overall, I really liked this first episode, and am very excited to watch the rest. Here’s to better SAO!

3 thoughts on “SAO IS ACTUALLY A GOOD SHOW NOW, GUYS! Gun Gale Online: Alternative Episode 1

  1. I read this whole thing thinking this was you’re re-imagining of SAO and thought completely changing nearly everything was a good solution but quite over the top. It sucks but there are easier ways.

    So was this a fan project or an actual A-1 Pictures episode? Either way I feel like I should google it to get the full experience for myself. It sounds better so hopefully this episode will give SAO fans better standards for anime!

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  2. I had no idea that it was written by someone else. The first episode was a lot of fun, so I hope it continues on that note. If anything, it taught me that I’d probably be a horrible GGO player, because I wanted to start shooting a lot of the times LLEN said to.

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