It’s a Recap Episode in the guise of an OVA in the guise of an actual episode: My Hero Academia S3E1 Review


My Hero Academia’s first Season 3 episode just came out, and everybody and their mother is gonna be reviewing it, and I’m no different. It’s a damn good show, and in a few years, you’ll be seeing UA training uniforms as often as we once saw Akatsuki robes.

This is going to be every convention, but sweatier.

As you saw from my title, this is a pretty mild start to our third season, which is understandable. We just got back from some really intense moments from the last season’s finale, and we are finally getting the Class A shenanigans that Shigaraki decided to blueball us on.


I mean honestly, let’s go back to the first episode of each season.

Season 1 had us start off with a hero battle:


And ends on Deku meeting All Might, pretty much the strongest superhero in existence at that point:


Season 2 opens up with a LOT of setup, about the plans of the League of Villains as well as the Sportfest TOURNAMENT ARC:



Meanwhile Season 3’s first episode really shows that My Hero Academia’s plot for the next few arcs has been established already, so here’s a bunch of everybody talking about their motivations again in between flashbacks of moments from Season 1 and 2:





All noble pursuits.

Only about half of the entire episode was newly animated stuff, and that includes the OP and ED.
I don’t really mind though, because this is the first episode we are getting that isn’t right before or right after some heavy shit went down. If anything, Season 2’s final episode felt more like the first episode of Season 3, and this episode was just the OVA pool filler episode every anime is legally contracted to have.

Not that I have a problem with that.
I need these.
For perfectly moral reasons.

As for the new OP and ED, they’re okay. The OP is definitely a nice song, but it feels more like an ED song than an OP one, and it doesn’t really fit as well as the previous songs when it comes to the animation that it’s being packaged with:

Click the pic to see the Official OP on YouTube

The ED has a bit of a “making memories” feel to it and it’s okay too. The concept art and sketches in the last shot do look great.

Same deal here, click to listen on the Funimation YT channel.

Overall, it was a pretty nice start to the third season, but I really feel it could have used a bit more flair or set up stuff that hasn’t already been set up before.
As for the other stuff I’ll be watching, Hibike S1 Review is coming out this week, as well as the Saintly Saturday for Eden of the East, so stay tuned!



One thought on “It’s a Recap Episode in the guise of an OVA in the guise of an actual episode: My Hero Academia S3E1 Review

  1. Nice review! Loved the “moisturize me” pic, haha. It does seem like every anime is contractually obliged to titillate audiences with pool filler at least once per season xD

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