Backlog Bash: K-ON Episode 01-06

Summer has started in my country, and I have watched the first few episodes of a bunch of anime I haven’t watched, so I thought to post my first impressions of:


After many years, I finally convinced myself to watch K-ON, despite my longstanding bias against vanilla CGDCT.

I was so blind for so long. Yeah, boring and forgettable first three episodes if I am being perfectly honest, big reason why I dropped it about a few years ago because I unfairly assumed ALL of it was like that. Glad I powered through it and found gold.

And I won’t be talking about the moe or comedy moments much. We ALL know how adorable they are, and you don’t need my analysis for shy Mio being the best thing ever, because let’s face it, some things in life are just fundamental facts. Mugi is stronk, Yui is dumb, Ritsu’s a mad lass, and Mio is the best.

Best Girl, fight me.

The beach episode and the school festival episode had a LOT of great character moments.

First, this scene. Oh man, I teared up at this scene. Just unbridled, innocent passion and dreams all around for our girls, and it’s done incredibly well. The music and the fireworks, and Mio’s wonder at it all is simply a treat to see. It’s all playful, but written on Mio’s face is the realization of why she wanted to join the light music club. Such a good character moment for her.

As for their first performance, it was a great song, and for some reason, really felt like God Knows from sister KyoAni show, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Again, another Mio-centric episode. Seeing her get over her shyness and being supported by her friends was heartwarming, and a good evolution from being forced into the club to being the one most dedicated to the club.

I will continue to watch this series with great interest, and post my impressions of the next 6 episodes next-ish week, after exams.

Watch K-ON on Hulu though some regions might have problems because legit sites are yet to figure out the mysteries that pirates have already solved.

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