3,2,1 Let’s Jam

So, what is this? What this is is a site I decided to make because I’m bored and posting rants in ONE place seems like a missed opportunity to shove my opinions on Japanese cartoons down other people’s throats.  Of course, I’m not limiting myself to just anime, I’ll also be talking about movies that I enjoyed (or despised so I can warn people about it), the plastic crack I buy every month, otherwise known as figures, and whatever else I feel like posting, honestly.

Anyways, any analysis and review I post in reddit or social media, I will also post here from now on. Really, this is just my way of venting my thoughts on the stuff I read and watch, something I’m sure a lot of you can understand. My friends are already numb to the hour-long discussion I had with them on the intricacies of Doki Doki Literature Club,so why not share that numbness to the wide internet?

Well, without further ado, welcome to my blog!

These are my current most popular posts, and for good reason! I worked very hard on these, so it would be great if you checked them out!

[Analysis] Doki Doki Psychology Club Redux

The Portrayal of Christianity in the Edo Period Japan of Samurai Champloo

Here’s the nice stock photo of a sunrise WordPress gave me. It fits, so let’s roll with it.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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